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April 2019 News

Newsletter April 2019


Mr Beans News

The clocks have gone forward and that can only mean one thing! Summer is finally about to start 😊 so what better time to launch the very anticipated ‘African wake up blend’ the newest addition to our unique signature blends.

‘The African wake up’ is our strongest coffee yet so rich and seriously intense.

We have been testing for many months and have decided to use Kenyan Kisii Pea-berry which is at the highest grade and gets its name as the coffee beans are pea shaped rather than the normal oval shape and are just delicious once roasted.

Our second bean to compliment the Kenyan Pea berry is the highly caffeinated Ugandan Robusta beans these will certainly Wake you up in the morning 😊.

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Where you can find us?

Do you want to host a dinner party for a special occasion but don’t want all the hassle of cooking? Why not hire Private chef Richard to do all your cooking while you just sit back and relax and even better at the end of your meal you could have our signature coffee freshly brewed, pressed and served to all your guests to enjoy.

You will certainly be expected to host the next few dinner parties that’s for sure!

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Available in Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex


Recipe of the month

Our start of the summer recipe is the very popular and certainly tasty Espresso Martini

You will need:

  • 50ml quality vodka
  • 35ml coffee liqueur
  • 1 shot (25ml) of Mr Beans Colombian blend for espresso
  • Ice

Pour the vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso into a cocktail shaker.  Fill the martini glass with ice to chill and then fill the cocktail shaker with ice as well.

Put the other half of the shaker on top and give it a good tap to lock it in, then shake really well. You want the ice to smash up while chilling the liquid down to create a nice froth

Once shaken, place the strainer on top of the shaker and pour the contents through a sieve directly into the glass. Using a strainer and the sieve helps create a rich, smooth, froth.


Our Street art pick of the month

This mural is by wisetwo a pioneer in Kenyan street art and we have just fell in love with it as soon as we seen it.