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January 2019 News


Welcome to the year 2019!

And with a new year come new plans! Mr Beans is full steam ahead on spreading fantastic coffee all over the United Kingdom. With more followers each day our brand is getting stronger and this is all down to our loyal customers! We can’t thank you all enough!


Where can you find us?

Straight off the bat we will be at White dove barns in Beccles from the 3rd until the 6th of January, after being invited by the wedding venue to be a part of their opening days.

This year we are planning to do so many Food and drink festivals that it is impossible to name them all, but following our success last year we will surely be back at the notorious Aldeburgh Food and drink festival.


Recipe of the month

The Amazing Mr Beans Brazilian Crème Brulee (Makes 4 portions)


450g double cream

125g egg yolks

75 grams of caster sugar

1 espresso of Mr Beans Brazilian twister blend



This is the easiest yet best tasting crème brulee you will ever try!

Simply mix all the ingredients together then pour into crème brulee moulds or similar dishes.

Once moulds are filled, place on a tray filled with no more than a centimetre of water to make a kind of ‘bain marie’ then cook in the oven set at 100 degrees for around 45 minutes or until crème brulees have the most subtle wobble.

Let cool then top with caster sugar and blowtorch for the perfect crème brulee (if you don’t have a blowtorch then just use the grill). Enjoy!  


Our Street art pick of the month

Well, well, well! Banksy has hit again with another amazing piece and this time in Port Talbot in Wales. Brilliant use of the urban space!