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July 2019 News

Newsletter July 2019



Mr Beans News

Well, Mr Beans has been away for the last couple of weeks, enjoying some much needed rest and now he’s back, batteries fully recharged, and buzzing with new ideas and projects.

First of all, we have decided to do more giveaway games (because yes we’re that cool), so check out our social media pages for upcoming news and take your chance on winning free stuff!


Where to find us?

With the growing success of our free local delivery, we have decided to set up a second date every month to make sure that you all get your fix of Mr Beans coffee right when you need it. Again, all the information will be posted online so you can’t miss it!


Tip of the month

With summer fully blasting on we all enjoy a nice refreshing iced coffee. Why not swap your regular ice cubes for coffee ice cubes? Just pour your regular old leftover brewed coffee into an ice cube tray and freeze. You will get a fuller taste to the last drop!


Our Street art pick of the month

This month, to keep in line with our summer theme, we have chosen a piece by Mademoiselle Maurice, an original artist based in Marseille who takes origami to the next level!