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June 2019 News

Newsletter June 2019

Mr Beans News

So great to share with you news on our collaboration with Mocha Metal Merch the company formed by the talented guitarist Chris Gedge, His passion for coffee is second to none and with his awesome character and vision for his new venture it really is a pleasure to form a great relationship between Mr Beans Coffee U.K and Mocha Metal Merch.
Our work began on creating a totally new blend which we knew off the bat that this had to be a seriously strong coffee to fit with his chosen name for the blend ‘Coffee Fuelled Riffage’ and with many different versions and tests, we finally believed we had created his perfect blend, so we sent the sample we created to his team of testers for a verdict………Wow! they loved it as much as we did.
Mr Beans Coffee U.K sees big things for Mocha Metal Merch and what a slogan ‘COFFEE MADE ME DO THIS!’ check them out as they will be launching this month!

Where you can find us?

Mr Beans will be attending our first summer fete on Friday 21st of June at Easton Farm park who are organising Suffolk Day 2019, The event will be showcasing all Suffolk based Crafts, Food and beverage producers
We will be having the full range of our signature coffee blends on offer as well as Mr Beans Coffee mugs, bags and V60s so please come visit us even just to say hello 😊
Entry fee for the whole family is only £10! And with profits being donated to the Suffolk Horse society
For more details visit - Easton Farm Park

Tip of the month

There is no doubt Cold coffee (iced coffee) is getting bigger than ever and especially on those hot days over the summer!
If you haven’t tried it yet I really recommend that you do and it is so easy to do that you don’t actually need a recipe!
Simply make yourself a black coffee (use quality coffee!) Cool it down, pour the coffee over ice, add abit of milk and sugar to sweeten it up to your taste and Boom you’re done!
Give it a try!


Our Street art pick of the month

This month’s street art we have chosen the legendary Nick Walkers ‘Boom box Vandal’ a piece which is found in La Fayette & Broome Street in New York and find it is the perfect representation of our new collaboration and we absolutely love it!