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Brewing tips for beautifully hand roasted gourmet coffee beans which will surely keep you coming back for more!


Whole beans
This is without a doubt the best way to start any brew as by grinding these up last second you get a real fuller and flavoursome coffee. So whichever instrument you decide to use, whether it’s a bean- to-cup machine or a retro manual grinder to go into your moka pot, this is surely the way to go.

So you’ve got a Cafetière in the back of the cupboard and you’re wondering how the hell does this work... It’s actually really easy as long as you start with your favourite Mr Beans coffee in cafetière form. The right dosage is around 1/10 coffee to just off boiled water for a nice strong flavour. Allow enough time to brew (4 minutes) then press and serve...
Tip: Once your ground coffee is in the cafetière and you’ve just poured your hot water into it, use a fork to spin it and get that coffee infused better!

This grind is a lot finer than the cafetière and great to use in filter coffee machines, moka pots or straight into your espresso machine.