Niroshini Direct Trade Tea



Melissa’s personal pilgrimage to Sri Lanka revealed more to her, than the exquisite teas she knew, would appeal to discerning tea lovers. She also discovered two little brothers who she never knew existed. Having been adopted as a baby and brought to England, she had a desire to trace her Sri Lankan birth family. A truly astonishing series of coincidences brought them back together.

Being reunited with them set her on a journey to help the young people of Sri Lanka’s tea plantations get access to the education they deserve. A percentage of Niroshini tea sale profits will go to project Tea Leaf Vision; run via UK registered charity Tea Leaf Trust. The two educational centres are based in Maskeliya and Nuwara Eliya.

By trading directly with Niroshini Direct Trade Tea, the farmers get a higher percentage of profits resulting in tea plantation workers receiving a fair, living wage.

The eldest of Melissa’s two brothers, works on the plantation and loves being part of a business with an ethical heart.

Directions for Flowering Black Velvet

  • For the very best flavour, always use freshly boiled water; not re-boiled existing water as the oxygen will have been depleted.
  • Use 1 teaspoon of tea per cup. For black tea, 100°C water is best.
  • Infuse for approximately three minutes until golden. Drank without the inclusion of milk is best. No sugar is required as the natural sweetness comes from the tea flowers.
As the warm water is poured, the flowers will open, revealing delicate overtones of honey. This beautiful, flower infused tea, can be reused three times, meaning that you can get approx 50 cups of tea from your pouch. Ensure you empty the teapot between infusions. The remaining leaves will be relatively dry and ready to use again. The water will penetrate deeper into the leaves for the next infusion, revealing new depths to the flavour.
Direct Trade
Zero carbon
No plastic
Natural fertilizer (from the plantations herd of rescued cows)



*When your order is placed, Mr Beans Coffee UK will send your shipping address to Niroshini Direct Trade Tea and they will send your tea directly to you.